5 minute Late Policy

While we understand there are a variety of reasons for being late that may be beyond your control, for insurance and liability reasons we cannot take students into class if they are more than 5 minutes late.   Those being denied entry for being late will not be refunded for the class.  Exceptions for this are only made for medical emergencies when accompanied with a note from a licensed physician.  

Sign-up, Gender and Age Policies

To guarantee your spot in class, we recommend reserving and paying for your spot online in advance through our site.   Walk-ins can be accommodated on occasion, but we cannot hold your spot without payment.   All classes with no one registered online 3 hours ahead of the class will be cancelled.   If you would like to pay in cash or do a walk in, make sure to call us in advance to confirm there is space.  

In an effort to offer the most welcoming and inclusive class experience, all of our classes are now open to all genders.  It is our top priority that everyone feel comfortable in class, so if you have any questions or concerns about this, please don't hesitate to contact management or discuss with your instructor.  

All students must  still be 18+.

Cancellation Policy

Series Classes - Classes sold in a group meeting at the same day/time each week.   All requests for other days/times for series classes must be received a minimum of 48 hours in advance on first class of series.   This is because our classes book out and are very small, and we need time to resell your spot.   Requests for other days and times must be received by or before this time or you forfeit your enrollment.   Other days/times are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.   A $15 change fee will be assessed.   Unless there is an injury or a medical reason with a doctor's note, the time change must be within the same series time frame, and not in the next series at a later date.   

Those on memberships will be charged $10 for each time they late cancel and $15 if they no show a reservation.  A late cancel is a reservation that is cancelled less than 6 hours before a class starts.  All reservations must be cancelled by logging into your mindbody account through a computer or mindbody connect on your phone.

Private lessons must be cancelled 24 hours before, private parties is 2 weeks. 

Refunds and Transfers

All packages and memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.   When you purchase your package, make sure you note the expiration date, we will not extend the expiration date.  

Proper Attire and Hygiene

In order to keep class a pleasant experience for everyone, please wear athletic pole/yoga shorts that are tight fitting and that sufficiently cover private areas.  For your convenience we sell them at the studio.  Avoid lotions especially on the hands and legs before class.  
Since we work near and at time in close contact with each other, please practice appropriate hygiene management before class and wear clean workout clothes and deodorant.  Also please avoid using heavily scented perfumes as some are sensitive to these smells.

Filming and Photography 

Video and film is not permitted during class, unless it is specifically allowed by the instructor during certain times including but not limited to performances or dance exercises.    Video and photo can always be done between classes and at open pole.   When doing so at these times, make sure to respect the privacy of others and do not get them in any shots unless you ask them beforehand.   

Drugs and Alcohol

For insurance reasons, drugs and alcohol are not permitting in the studio.  Those attempting to attend class under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund.   

Instruction during class

Please be respectful of your instructor and do not instruct other students.   Each instructor at Pole Palace has been specially trained in the proper techniques for your safety.  If someone asks you for help, direct them to the instructor.   Only moves being taught are permitted to be executed.  Moves, not limited to , but including climbing the pole and inverting (going upside down) require instructor permission.  

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