How the Pole Palace began…

I’m Melissa Hein, the founder of Pole Palace, and here’s my story….


Hello! My name is Melissa, I opened the Pole Palace in the Spring of 2013, however I had been doing pole for a very long time before that. I started Pole back in 2005 as a fun hobby when I was in college at the University of Michigan. Back then, there were basically no pole studios almost anywhere, or only in very big select cities such as Las Vegas and maybe New York City. Me and other friends whom I found online through pole dance forums, and often lived an hour away or more from each other would train at each others houses as there were no pole studios in our area, or most areas then, but we had our own poles. Over time, I trained in a variety of disciplines, including weight lifting, ballet, aerial silks, aerial hoop, trapeze, contortion and more, and in time received training from several world class pole and circus coaches, and got several fitness certifications.

Before i discovered Pole, I didn’t have much grace, or natural athletic ability at all, and most of all my confidence in myself was very low. More than anything besides being an amazing work out, pole has given me confidence in myself I never had before, and firmly believe would not have discovered without it. After I realized how much pole has transformed me emotionally and physically, I felt as if I had a duty to share it with the world. My goal as the founder of this studio, is to offer fun, but safe pole classes that emphasizes proper technique, safe progressions, and educated instructors. I believe everyone can start pole no matter where they are in their life, and feel stronger, and more confident in themselves. I’m so glad I discovered this amazing workout and art form! My life would not be the same without it! I hope to see you in class sometime soon!