Membership Policies

6 hour cancellation policy:

All classes have a 6 hour cancellation policy. A late-cancel is when a reservation is cancelled less than
6 hours before the start of the class. All late cancels result in loosing the class credit. All
no-shows result in losing the class and a $10 fee. These fees are to further motivate people to cancel
their classes in time so we have time to resell the spot, and better serve the whole studio so others can
come to class too. All reservations must be cancelled by logging in to your mindbody account on a
computer or the mindbody connect ap through your smart phone. Cancellations by phone or email or
not accepted. We are unable to waive any fees for any reason.


Class cancellations and pre-Registering for classes:

All classes with less than 2 people registered may be subject to cancellation. If you wish to attend
class please register in advance so ensure it does not get cancelled. All classes starting at 12 pm or earlier are subject to cancellation if there are less than 2 people registered by midnight the night before. All other classes are subject to cancellation 4 hours before they start if they have low enrollment.

Classes also book out and fill up. Please do not assume there is space in a class and walk in without registering. We have a limit on how
many people we can take in class for safety reasons. Please register in advance, or at least before coming down to the studio to ensure there is space.
**Unused classes cannot be rolled over to the next month.


Membership Pausing:

You may pause your membership free of charge for 4 weeks the first time. After that it is $15/month to
pause. We allow pausing free of charge for medical reasons when accompanied with a doctor’s note.
All memberships have a 3 month minimum commitment and are auto-renewing month to month after the first 3 months. 30 days notice in
writing is required to cancel.

Membership Cancellation:

We must receive 30 days written advance notice if you wish to cancel your membership. This means we must get an email request for cancellation 30 days or more before your last auto-pay. Memberships cannot be transferred to other individuals, nor can unused classes. If you wish to cancel your membership email us at We cannot accept membership cancellation requests over the phone, or in person at the studio only in email.